Wally Javascript SDK

Email-based wallets, compatible with any dApp using Metamask
Wally Javascript SDK
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🇺🇸 United States
Just launched 🚀
Published on
Feb 17, 2023
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Wally is building seamless onboarding infrastructure for Web3 apps starting with the most elegant embedded crypto wallet experience on the market. We help blockchain-enabled companies serve and acquire more customers so that together we can bridge Web2 and Web3.

Now you can give your users the ability to sign up for any dApp by creating a wallet with just their email, on top of any existing way to connect a wallet. That way more users can sign-up and onboard without having to deal with any complexities of creating a crypto wallet off-site. And you give users the option to connect an existing wallet, or create a new one easily.

If you already have MetaMask sign up, you can copy + paste just a few lines of pre-written code to get it installed. No changes to your existing frontend/backend code needed. It also integrates seamlessly with flows like web3modal, rainbowkit, and web3onboard.

Special offer for Early Ones 👀

For Early Ones community members, we'd love to offer each app's first 100 monthly-active-wallets free! And our team at Wally can even provide engineering support to implement our API/SDK on customers' apps.