A seamless onboarding infrastructure for Web3 apps, starting with an elegant embedded crypto wallet
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Published on
Nov 30, 2022
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Wally is building a seamless onboarding infrastructure for Web3 apps starting with the most elegant embedded crypto wallet experience on the market. We help blockchain-enabled companies serve and acquire more customers so that together we can bridge Web2 and Web3.

We believe that the next iteration of crypto apps will have no seed phrases, gasless transactions, credit card checkout, and no confusing messages or transactions to sign. We built Wally so that every dApp can create a seamless user experience, without all the effort of building and maintaining those features in house.

We enable:
- Embedded non-custodial wallet creation with email/phone/social logins
- Easy setup for dApps to pay for their users' gas fees
- Familiar frontends to sign messages/transactions so that there are no pop-ups

That way your end users end-to-end can set up wallets with familiar logins and interact with any blockchain elements of your app without any complicated crypto-native features like seed phrases, signing messages/transactions, funding their wallet with chain-specific tokens/NFTs, pay for gas fees, etc.

Special offer for Early Ones 👀

Wally typically charges $0.10 per active wallet per month. But for EARLY ONES adopters, we can offer the first 100 wallets each month for free. Most startups/indie projects can use Wally totally free and can get their API key here: https://app.wally.xyz/signup