An open and collaborative information aggregation platform providing data analysis of crypto and NFT markets
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Feb 17, 2023
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TwitterScan is an open, user-driven, and collaborative information aggregation platform that provides data analysis of the crypto and NFT markets. 

By capturing Twitter information relating to crypto and NFT markets, we present multi-dimensional key details, such as attention grabbed by projects, number of whales following projects, and project pricing, and help to quickly locate hype projects, select high-quality users, explore new projects, and identify hot topics. Those greatly simplify the process of user information acquisition and effectively help users make investment decisions.

TwitterScan digitizes KOLs’ influence and incentivizes KOLs to build up their credentials with high-quality content. TwitterScan serves as a bridge between projects and KOLs. Leveraging KOLs’ influence, TwitterScan can assist projects in growing their user base and brand awareness.

TwitterScan’s API can help the web3 ecosystem to screen influencers with real influence to collaborate with when they are running their publicity/marketing campaigns. In addition, TwitterScan's robust traffic pool can help projects in the web3 ecosystem to direct and convert users, helping projects gain more users and market attention in their operational campaigns. It will also guide more web2 users to convert to Web3.

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