The next-gen NFT analytics and alerts tool for NFT traders
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🇮🇳 India
Just launched 🚀
Published on
Feb 17, 2023
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RoverX is the next-gen NFT analytics and alerts tool for NFT traders.

The platform is stacked with advanced data filtering options, a personalized dashboard for users to quickly check the status of the NFT portfolio, and deep research tools which can be used to make powerful trading strategies.

Core features:
1. Get notifications about your trading activity and portfolio, all on your phone
2. Track your NFT portfolio in real time like a pro
3. Stay updated with trending & minting collections on your phone
4. Find hidden gems using our advanced filters

Special offer for Early Ones 👀

Yes, we'll give Early ones Beta access to our tool and app for 3 months. Steps to access: 1. Join our Discord 2. Create a ticket on #get-beta-access 3. Send your wallet address and get whitelisted