A DAO and layerzero blockchain solution created to build a stable and dispute free domain name system
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🇸🇬 Singapore
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Published on
Feb 17, 2023
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Registry3 will design a fair and open agreement, and introduce a competition and cooperation mechanism to conditionally distribute top-level domains of different suffixes in Web3 to multiple domain name registrars to solve a series of problems caused by suffix conflicts.

In Registry3's vision, its products will be carried by a public chain, while nodes containing exchanges, wallets and other Dapp members will run and maintain the stability of the Registry3 chain in a decentralized manner.

The domain name chain is more on the L0 side, providing domain name registration, reconciliation and collaboration services to other L1s; at the same time, any L1 blockchain can run Registry3 to enable the domain name services it provides, and can be extended to L2s as well.

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