What is EARLY ONES? 👀

EARLY ONES is the place for early adopters to discover new early-stage Web3 and crypto startups being built at the forefront of the internet. For builders in Web3 and crypto, it is the best place to share their (upcoming) startup with a relevant audience in order to gather early interest and feedback.
How can my startup be included on EARLY ONES?
Is your startup pre-launch or did you just launch? Then you are eligible to be included on the website!

✅ Make sure you have an adequately looking landing page
✅ Where you explain your (future) product's value proposition and promise
✅ And where visitors can sign up, either to a newsletter or early user account.

We focus on Web3 and crypto startups. This does not include:

❌ NFT art collections, blogs, newsletters, website themes, online courses, books, etc.
❌ Agencies: consulting, marketing, recruitment, etc.

Still confident you are eligible? ⬇️

What happens after I submit my startup?
We will review your startup to determine if it is suitable to get featured. Since this nascent industry is still a wild west sometimes, we add this level of manual curation to maintain quality. Our aim is to do this within 7 days.

📨 You will receive a new email when you are eligible and your startup is published on EARLY ONES.

The information you provided (like the description or images) could be tweaked lightly before publishing to ensure the best representation on our website.
Can I promote or advertise my startup on EARLY ONES?
Yes! When your startup is accepted and published on EARLY ONES you can promote it as a "Featured" listing. Reach out to hello@earlyones.co when you are interested.

Have an established product in the Web3 and crypto space and want to reach thousands of early adopters? View our advertising options here.
Does EARLY ONES have an NFT collection?
Yes! There is a collection on OpenSea that served as an access pass for the first iteration of EARLY ONES. This pass is now defunct and not in use. Do not buy it.